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WIP Blue = *Friendly*, Green = *Host* Nation, Orange = Civilians, Grey = Enemies. First one is function of sum, second one is function of time, or how you can dilute the media impact of a massacre by killing a few people each day for 6 years. Just remember that host nation + civilian + enemies = mostly Iraqis. Used the cleaned dump from The Guardian.

Figure 2: The principles of the integrated time and distance line cartogram include a) the schematization of the movement; b) the direct relation between the geography (distance line) and time (timeline); c) from time to geography—cartogram principles applied on the distance line; and d) from geography to time—cartogram principles applied on the timeline. On the distance line, the location of the stops are represented by the (deformed) orange circles. On the timeline, the orange boxes refer…

See something or say something: New York // Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

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9 Facebook Marketing Features You Need To Know In 2017

Every social network needs to evolve and develop new features as customers demand. Here are 9 Facebook marketing features you need to know for 2017 << The Social Ms

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Gallery of Venice Biennale 2012: Le quattro stagioni. L´architecttura del Made in Italy da Adriano Olivetti alla Green Economy / Italy Pavilion - 5

Cyanometer – horace-bénédict de saussure an instrument that measures the blueness of the sky

A mosaic of rader images made in September 2003 shows rain (yellow) falling along a cold front and birds (green) migrating behind it.