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    Advanced prosthetics designed for animals from horses to dolphins could one day be put to use for humans.
    September 27, 2011
    Emily Anthes

    Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again

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    • MicheleandMarty Zimmerman

      By Niki Marie Hansen, Veterinary Prosthetist; PhD Candidate, LSU SVM Growing up on a 53 acre hobby farm in Wisconsin meant that as a kid I got to spend my summers clinging to the bare back of my horse, Power, as he unendingly tried to scrape me off on the low branches of the apple…

    • Gigi Gardner Evora

      Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again here to find out more

    • Allison DeLang

      National Student Leadership Campaign - I'm raising money so that I can attend the National Student Leadership Conference on engineering in Atlanta Georgia. It's an amazing and rare opportunity which I don't want to miss, please help me go! Visit the NSLC website for more information ...

    • Grace Davis

      Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again. I'm impressed to say the least!

    • Monica Cota

      Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again... This is awesome!

    • Jaclyn Guasco

      animal prosthetics... this definitely makes me smile

    • coco mico

      Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again

    • emily

      Animal prosthetics! @Jill Meyers Meyers Strand

    • Jacquelyn Lara

      Be able to build animal prosthetics

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