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  • Joyce Morse

    Colorful Map Details Volcano-Studded Surface of Io BY ADAM MANN03.20.12 After a six-year effort, researchers have released the first geologic map of the solar system’s most volcanically active object, Jupiter’s moon Io.

  • Dr. Stefan Gruenwald

    First-ever geological map of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io

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Top: the Jupiter system as imagined by the creators of "2001." Bottom: the actual Jupiter system, complete with erupting volcano on the moon Io, as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft.

Jupiter and Io. "The image shows a major eruption in progress on Io's night side, at the northern volcano Tvashtar. Incandescent lava glows red beneath a high volcanic plume, whose uppermost portions are illuminated by sunlight. The plume appears blue due to scattering of light by small particles in the plume."

The moons of the solar system.

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europa, moon of jupiter. An ice world with 4 tiger strikes close to its south pole. It is believed that under the ice lies an ocean of liquid water and therefore life :)

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New Horizons took this montage of images of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io, glowing in the dark of Jupiter's shadow, as the Pluto-bound spacecraft sped through the Jupiter system on Feb. 27, 2007.