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Snake skeleton

The color and pattern of the snake skeleton contrasts with the plain background. Snake Skeleton - please can I have one one day Father Christmas?

Dark display with skulls

Corabelles cabinet in her room. (I'm curious as to why certain things scare people. Are you not scared of these things? Fear is all in the head. I am scared. But not of these things)

Crystallized snake skeleton

Throwback to this crystallized snake skeleton I did for my Prima Materia show this last August!

celiabasto: “100% ART ”

Thai Bamboo Rat Snake, Black-banded trinket snake, Red bamboo snake or Red mountain racer (Oreocryptophis porphyraceus).

This is a small elapid snake,mimicking cobra behavior if threatened. Highly venomous, these snakes are nocturnal and fossorial. They are found in the dry Karoo regions of Namibia and South Africa.

libutron: “Cape Coral Snake - Aspidelaps lubricus Commonly referred to as Cape Coral Snake, South African Coral Snake, Coral Snake, and Coral Shield Cobra, Aspidelaps lubricus is a small elapid.

green tree python (yellow phase)

green tree python (yellow phase) (Morelia viridis) maybe photoshop but still stunning

Green Python, Morelia viridis, Australia, by Bruce Thomson

I don't like snakes ,but this one is so beautiful : Green Python, Morelia viridis, Australia, by Bruce Thomson

vegetable snake. 2013 will be the snake water's year on lunar calendar. Let's celebrate! And hey, there are many free quotes on http://onlymyquotes.worpress.com

Ahaetulla nasuta, green vine snake from South/Southeast Asia. Slender, diurnal and mildy venomous (it only causes swelling in humans), it usually eats frogs and lizards.

Collett's Snake (Pseudechis colletti)

(27+) Cute Snakes with Hats Pictures

Imagine, "Yea hath God said?"  And now imagine why we call liars, snakes and serpents in the grass!

5 – Horned Viper image source Cerastes cerastes is a venomous viper species native to the deserts of Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. It often is easily recognised by the presence of.

Most Colorful Snakes | colorful snakes

Two colourful snakes coiled around each other. The blue contrasts each of the snakes and the backgrounds. This gives them a beautiful appearance and allows them to stand out.