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  • Kc Smelser

    Lady and her slaves, province of Bahia in Brazil, 19th c

  • Erin Newcomb

    "Lady in a litter being carried by her slaves", province of São Paulo in Brazil, ca.1860. They are actually manumitted slaves. They borrowed the clothes and the picture is actually a sign of wealth. Furthermore, it's actually a reversal in that the woman is sitting in the litter as an act of freedom and success after slavery (to be sitting where her oppressors once sat). It's a posed photograph and statement about being manumitted rather than a picture of a woman posing with her slaves.

  • Terri Irvin

    1860. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lady being carried by her slaves.

  • Bella Vida by Letty

    Senhora Escravos being carried by her slaves, São Paulo, Brazil, ca. 1860

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SLAVES, EX-SLAVES, and CHILDREN OF SLAVES IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1860 -1900 (25) by Okinawa Soba, via Flickr

  • Lynda

    My issue with Mini is that she is forever spewing racist hate and constantly denies the importance of learning history . . . except when she is trying to twist it to justify her racist views.

  • Kathy Carnes

    Racism is a terrible thing and it comes in all colors. And countries.

  • MzRoz Imjustsayin

    No other people in what ever country you speak, whether enslaved or not, have ever in History of been endured the pain and inhuman indecency as the United States has treated African Americans who were enslaved, by a much less intelligent and savage of such a race ( The White Race)

  • Lynda

    MzRoz - I'm totally with you until the last sentence (even though pain and indecency are hard to quantify and the people who suffered the Holocaust, and others, have a claim as well.) But it's not a contest, in any case.

  • Lynda

    But to say that the entire "white race" were less intelligent and savage is a silly blanket statement. I do believe that anyone who participated in the slave trade was morally reprehensible (but greedy, not unintelligent) and people who mistreated slaves were savage. The facts are bad enough, let's not make things up.

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"African slave in Brazil" - Her hair is gorgeous!

"African slave in Brazil" also labeled as "Girl from Salvador 1869" on wiki.healthhaven.... via FlyGirls

Mme. Abomah "the tallest lady in the world." She was a businesswoman, performer, and had various jobs, but, my goodness, in every photo she has the bearing of an empress

A coal miner with the last canary to be used down underground.

Faces of emancipation: 1860 to 1880

Birthplace of Hon. Stephen A. Douglass in Brandon, Vermont

This is a photo of Susan B. Anthony in 1872 getting beaten and arrested for trying to vote when it was illegal for women to do so.

Alberto Henschel, Foto de negra com turbante, Brazil, ca. 1870. Source Coleção Gilberto Ferrez Acervo Instituto Moreira Salles. Source: blackhistoryalbum...

The Great Blizzard of 1888 brought 40-50 inches of snow to many states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. It’s said that the storm wrapped areas from the Chesapeake all the way north to Maine. Along with the heavy snow came snow drifts as high as 50ft because of 45mph winds.