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Pachycoris torridus, different colors Check out more #Art & #Designs at:


Global Puzzle

Pachyrrhynchus congestus Polka dot beetle weevil from Philippines...SO pretty and quite the fashionista!

The scarab beetle is a good omen. I noticed it in the sand after I fell to my knees weeping over the sight of the pyramids.

"King of the Branch" by Bob Jensen, via 500px. My sister Patty actually had a couple of these. After they died, she preserved them perfectly.

Beetle, Mecynorhina polyphemus, M.E. Smirnov

Eupholus benetti Gestro, 1876 (Curculionidae) Papua New Guinea, Morobe prov., Aseki subdistrict, Hiewini vill., 23.01.1998