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  • Patrick Reis

    Besouro Goliathus Giganteus. O Inseto mais pesado do mundo. E assustador também

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LUCANIDAE: Stag beetle with brass, steels and copper watch parts, gears, dials and springs 4" 5.5"x5.5" dome By Mike Libby Beetles

Phanaeus vindex by Colin Hutton Photography, via Flickr He looks like a tiny iridescent dinosaur.

The Golden Scarab Beetle (Chrysina resplendens): its chitinous cuticle reflects circularly polarized light which is “left-handed”. Sounds complicated; looks brilliant!

Dragonfly Flower "These dragonflies spend the night on these dried branches and camouflaged as flowers."

Whenever I ask Brayden if he remembers being in my belly he says..."Yes and I popped out a butterfly" :)

Piezodorus litoratus: The Gorse Shield Beetle sports two adult coloring related to sexual maturity, green, for those mating in the spring and multicolor for those which appear in the late summer.

Ava made friends with a moth just like this one the other day.

Goliath Beetle - Photo by Michelle at Montreal Bunny Flickr This beetle is the largest in the world, being found in Africa. They feed on fruit and sap as adults. When raised in captivity the young prefer protein foods like cat/dog food. They are 2 to 4 inches long and weigh 2to 4 oz. It would fit most of your palm and you would know it is there by weight at its biggest.

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) by Slomoz: Commonly found in the woods of North America (from Minnesota and Ontario to Kentucky) they are characterized by overlappin white mandibles. They usually have 6 spots, but sometimes fewer or none at all! #Six_Spotted_Tiger_Beetle