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Pete and Gwen

Hugh Jackman tux

Jackie Kennedy

The Ravishing Emma Stone

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law

Ryan Gossling: "Hey Girl, I hope someday to get my own bubble on the genogram of your life."

who doesn't love her


Emma Stone

Sometimes Yin N looks like Yin C or Yin G, the face is quite sweet and also youthful, like Natalie Wood. If we put her in those clothes, her body doesn't make sense. If you're failing to read the body, look at the face. If you're failing to read the face, look at the body. Somehow it all makes sense, you just have to pick up the right trail.

When I picture Emma Stone in my mind this is the exact face she makes #wcw

Emma Watson

Zooey Deschanel by Ellen von Unwerth--I love how beautiful she is, yet still being quirky and a complete individual. And her singing is amazing.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

Emma Watson

He stares at her, | Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone calls out her boyfriend on his everyday sexism.



Emma Stone is perfection I wish I could be as beautiful and perfect as Emma stone but who am I kidding?