used to practice this stretch all the time... le sigh.

Flexible girls are hot. We have proof. - Wall Splits are Impressive

Dance quotes- seriously I want to see a football or basketball player stand on their toes and do spins or stretch their leg past their head

Dance Quote- "You have not witnessed a real workout unit you have watched a dancer practice." so true!

yes please

23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Start Getting In Shape

Go Splits! 8 Stretches to Get You There. Increase flexibility- 8 stretches to do the splits. (Great for tight hips and hamstrings)

At the beginning i was all like " I can do dat boi" and then... I'm bedraggled.

Plus One // Glee

innocence and paris — flexibilityisfreedom: Source video.

After lacing up my ballet shoes, I walk to my Reel-to-Reel, and play and old slow song. I look out my window, and a sequence of memories come flooding back. I close my eyes, letting the few tears of mine left fall, and slowly rise on my toes and dance. As I dance, I remember my mother and how happy our family was, how happy I was. I look to the door and see a boy (You) standing there watching me. He looks my age, a little older. Maybe 16, and he watches me with sympathy. (continu

7 Things to Eat For Perfect Skin

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