432 I have probably seen each of her episodes more then 5 times, I'm addicted

WDW's Boardwalk

It's a bit healthier...

I can't wait to do this on our next trip

Simple Disney Things

I do this.

Simple Disney Things love this! Ull only understand this if uve been at disney world millions of time like I have!;) it smells like a machine and fresh new carpet/fabric mixed to me;)

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning

if you have never been to Disney World, you NEED to go

disney property

one of my favorite life time moments. it's a magical moment every single trip I take to Walt Disney World.

Disney is always magic!


let the memories begin ºOº


Disneyland is my home <3 forever and always

Simple Disney Things

me everytime

taking someone to the parks who has never been

Simple Disney Things

I always try to get a photo next to an orange monorail at Disney World!