Hahahah!!! :)

@karlobes story of our lives




Good one

Would you wear this? **Every Purchase Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs!

Forget teen post, this is a MOM post through and through. Shit, teens don't even know what tired is.

Yeah I've done this

if you knock on my door and i say yeah it doesn't mean come on it! it means stay where you are and state your business

its so true

Every time I'm nice to a guy. I'm just like, no I am friends with Jack, I have no intention on dating him.

haha, true<3

OOOOoooohhhhh if I'd knew!!! LOL (Vero)

Some aren't that bad but yeah


Teenager Posts

yeah why not?

yeah, and then you think... she's probably watching me freak out so i have to act like i don't notice she's gone!