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@Janine Pacheco Like a Gazelle...

Years ago, some of the guys I work with laid out a huge roll of bubble wrap and ran over it with the forklift. Yeah, you can imagine what that was like for us in the office.

This is true

so true

I'm gonna have to use this

so true wonder who this is in my life..........Raechel?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!=)

Sadly, that is me too. Actually, I think its also the fact that boys arent loyal and they change who they like most everyday, or as soon as the pretty new girl moves in.

I used to be pretty shy! But I know that I'm the best and coolest person that any of my friends EVER met! Just sayin'. lol

@karlobes story of our lives


I say all of these things

All the time.... Especially giving guests instructions working attractions in Adventureland.

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All the time