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Pearls Dew

Drops Pearls

Pearls Pearl

make pearls, dew drops, and pearl brads with hot glue, shimmer powder, alcohol ink

Gun Enamel

Diy Enamel Dots

Diy Glue Dots

Diy Nail Glue

Diy Hot Glue

Hot Glue Gun Art

Homemade Enamel

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How to Make Glue Gun Enamel Dots with your glue gun

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10 Genius

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Smaller Object

Hot Glue Guns

Hot Glue Gun Art

Ten Genius Things You Can Do With A Glue Gun. Just drop some glue on a surface and push your object in it. Instant mold in seconds! Need to try this!!

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+++++ Creating epoxy resin embellishments with the Plaid Crafts Mod Melts. They look just like hot glue sticks…except they are filled with awesome resin. Place the insert into your hot glue gun, heat it up then fill the mold with warm resin. In 4 MINUTES you’ll have beautiful, perfectly shaped embellishments. The resin is white, but you can color it using paint, glitter, copics etc.

Molds Diy

Diy Mold

Clay Molds

Diy Le

Gluepen Diy

Small Trinkets

Hot Glue Guns

Hot Glue Gun Molds

Diy Cover

Creating a hot glue mold from small trinkets and vaseline?

Gluepen Diy

Diy Colle

My Refrigerator

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Hot Glue Gun Charms

With a glue gun

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Translucent Polymer Clay Canes

Gold Leaf Polymer Clay

Translucent Clay Tutorial

Polymer Canes

Polymer Clay Beads Tutorial

FREE TUTORIAL using white clay, foil, translucent clay, texture sheets, glass paint, silver paste (inka gold), then flattened, cane slices added, then baked. Really great shine and depth. by Pinklily. It's in French.


Moxie Fab World: 10 different Embelishments

Pearl Spiral

Wire Pearl

Pearl Beads

Beautiful Pearl

Pearl Love

Simplistic Beautiful

Simple Elegance

Simply Beautiful


pearl spiral

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Alcohol Ink Techniques

Four resist techniques, last one is best. Try on metal w/ alcohol inks


How to make Faux Stained Glass with Acrylic Paint and Glue

Stained Glass Window Craft

Window Glass Painting Ideas

Easy Stained Glass Projects

Painted Glass Windows

Faux Stained Glass Diy

Glass Painting Design

How To Make Stained Glass Windows

Window Art Diy

Window Arts

How to make faux stained glass with acrylic paint and glue!

Mist Youtube

Ink Youtube

Paint Youtube

Glimmer Paint

Glimmer Mist

Metallic Pearl

Art Metallic

Tutorial Mm

Flower Tutorial

How to make shimmers paint... I like this one the best

How To Make Stencils

Stencils 1

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Tutorial Stencil

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Distress Ink Techniques

Tim Holtz Layering Stencils Part One - CHA Summer 2013; these are 2 of the best layering videos I've seen. He makes it seem so simple!!

Add Alcohol

Alcohol Inked

Color Alcohol

Cuttlebug Techniques

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Soda Cans

Coke Cans

Alcohol Ink Crafts

coke cans, cut with cuttlebug and then embossed with folder...add alcohol ink and you'll have a beautiful embellishment for anything!

Escape Olivia

Olivia D'Abo

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Demonstrator Australia

Homemade Tinted

Tinted Pearl Embellishments

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Glycerin 101


Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Paintings

glycerin 101 for crafters! - YouTube

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Alcohol Ink Painting Tutorial

Alcohol Ink Floating Background Tutorial

S02E10 Youtube

Watch Youtube

Gesso Youtube

Plumber'S Tape

Foil Tape

Tape Cut

Inks Ghosting

Ghosting Technique

Paper Technique

Alcohol Ink and Plumbers tape

Creating Texture

Texture In

Inks Texture

Create Textures

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Alcohol ink & saran wrap technique

Dylusions Color

Dylusions Ghosting

Dylusions Ink Spray

Ranger Dylusions

Spray Ink Art

Spray Inks

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Ghosting Youtube

Dylusions Youtube

5 Techniques With Dylusions

Tile I'Ve

Tile Inlay

Ceramic Tile

Diy Hot Glue Gun Holder

Holder 6

Tweet Pin

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Gluegun Holder

Collapse Easily

DIY Hot Glue Gun Holder -brilliant!


Stampbusters Episode 3: Do Blender Pen Refill Recipes Really Work?

Rubbing Alcohol

Tsp Rubbing

Alcohol Ink

Pens Refill

Glycerin 4

Refill Recipes

Distilled Water

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a tutorial on refilling blender-pens