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    • Kendall Lynne

      He gives me faith. Yay for him for trying to prove that girls are just as guilty as guys! Though people will most likely always say that guys are the only ones that can be assholes, kudos to this boy for his courage! -Kendall

    • Meghan Gruber

      True, true. Girls are just as bad as boys. If not worse. And girls are only to blame, they go after the guys who treat them like shit, all the while boys like Toby are standing right there, waiting for US to be ready.

    • Jazzipoo Aroni-Ski-Itis

      you tell that stupid slut <

    • Amanda Ivey

      Girls want the bad boy...the guy who IS a dick, so that they can complain about him, have an "epic romance" that ends in tragedy, and then move on to the guy that both holds their attraction and is good for them (the bad boy turned good man). Trust me. I've been there. It isn't that I don't think some of the things I did were bitchy-THEY WERE. But I didn't know it at the time, only now, looking back, do I realize this. Hindsight is 20/20.

    • Siobhán L

      funny htis boy is my hero sometimes girls are dicks

    • funny jokeandpicture

      Will this make you laugh? This Guy

    • Quinn Barton

      You go random English boy you go

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    Boy was he a funny looking kid. I love seeing celebrities as children and adolescents - the funnier looking the better. It's inspirational, having been a funny looking kid myself.


    Friend’s new profile pic…hahahaha!

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    Dog loves cat. Cat taken away from dog. Dog is heartbroken. But in the end, it's all "for true love." How sweet is this exchange between two pets and their two owners?

    that guy just told us something very important.


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    COVERT CLICKER......... Want to mess with those guys in the sports bars. You know the ones that like that team you hate? Well, we have the perfect device for you. Just when their team is ready to score you change the channel without anyone knowing it's you that did it.... WHAT! www.theonestopfun...

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    Nintendo Game Boy...

    When Boys Are Themselves

    The boys are in the yard�

    Ha. Poor guy!!But still....LOL

    That was an awesome day