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Haaa! Ashley was counting out loud in her sleep at the last competition!

cheermazing: cheerinfinite: allirosekay: sharpandsassy: fierce-is-always-welcome: on days i don’t have cheer. At Costco when there’s a long empty aisle. Any time I see a large grass area Whenever there’s nobody to stunt with Even though I can’t even tumble

When you hear a song from your cheermix and you start dancing in the middle of nowhere! CHEER competitive cheerleader inspiration #KyFun moved from Cheerleading: Competitive board n1093

Gabi Butler - hahaha this is my friends little sister - GO GABI ♥

Very true-if you dont like or understand cheerleading thenn join a squad for a year

OCD = Obsessive cheer disorder ♥

Fuck yes!!! Everything's crossed for 2016. richard eastman and Yalitza ☻ We are Base! We are Sides!!

Wildly inappropriate for my HS team but funny all the same!

• Strength • So I just got home from cheer camp and the girl I was basing with said I was a natural base and it was my first time and I love cheerleading

awh ♥. this is what a team is really about. Teamwork~

Cheer. I used to LIVE for it, why on earth did I ever quit?