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  • Cathy Ouimet

    I Spy Game for the car - cute idea for little ones - I think this is a Voss Water Bottle.

  • Leah Ryan

    I Spy game for kids. Rice, Voss Water bottle, and items.

  • Megan Clayton Barnett

    An I-spy bottle to keep kids occupied on long car rides! - made from a voss water bottle

  • Kathy Randall

    I spy bottles for road trips (use plastic water bottles and uncooked rice)

  • Danielle Slade

    I spy bottle for kids. Perfect for car trips. I think the bottle is a "Vosa" water bottle.

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Rainbow Rice Eye Spy Bottle - part of 10 Printable Car Travel Games and Ideas for Kids - Faith Filled Food for Moms

NOTE:  The balls will flatten out after sitting for awhile.  Erin had the great idea to store them in plastic eggs, but I couldn't find my Easter stuff.  We just used small plastic containers and rolled the balls between our palms again to regain their shape.

Rainbow eye spy bottles. Hours of distraction on long road trips or while waiting at the Doctor's surgery.

Sometimes you need a quiet-time activity, and Eye-Spy bottles are a fun and easy option. Eye-spy activities build a child's awarenesss of shape, color and recognition. Comb your junk drawer and the bottom of kids' toy boxes for items to hide in the bottle.

DIY I Spy bottle game. Uncooked rice + small pieces. Fun for kids and a cute themed decoration (Christmas, July 4th) around the house too.

Homemade plastic jellyfish... I love the Jelly exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

give kids a "secret service" mission. tell them for 1 week, they have to do something for someone else without "blowing their cover."

Not only would this be a blast for the kids to play with, but I think they would have a great time helping to construct it!

She would love this...especially if it had animals inside...I think a gatorade bottle would be better b/c it has a bigger mouth...eye spy

What a great way to make your own I Spy or Find It game! Have bigger kids? Use a bigger bottle! So going to do this!

I Spy with stickers. MAKnote: explore themes of stickers on different pages (posters), include some drawings, include some photos, always hide a favorite secret "thing", and...