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Tartaruga marinha.

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White whale! by, via Flickr

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^Silver shrimp on bubble coral

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Sepioteuthis squid. S)

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Jelly Fish (pelagia noctiluca) ~ by Alfonso Gonzalez ~ Águilas, Spain ~ In Latin, Pelagia means "of the sea", nocti stands for night and luca means light and As its name implies P. noctiluca has the ability to bioluminesce. ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life lll" board @

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Triton shell on the prowl

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hawksbill sea turtle

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The Taiwan Blue Magpie

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Green Turtle. See Over 2500 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography cute beautiful

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Clean Flickr

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emperor fish with cleaner shrimp

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Antarctic Minke whale

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Spanish Dancer in Rock Pool in Eua, Tonga

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Frogfish by G Woolley


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Pinterest Brittesh18

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The Most Adorable Best Friends Ever: Funny Animals, Best Friends, Dogs And Cats, Dog Cat, Pet, Animal Friends, Cats And Dogs, Cats Dogs, Golden Retriever

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Sea Turtle.