My favourite tea : )

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea Cookies: Fortunately, this is an icebox cookie recipe--meaning that the dough can be frozen for months and just a couple cookies sliced off and baked at a time - perfect for sweet-toothed singles and unexpected guests.

Earl Grey

Earl grey tea

Earl Grey #tea

her favourite

Earl Grey Royal Milk

Tea Time Favorites

Tie Tea Cup


come, let us have some tea


more tea? Yes please!

Tea tea tea


what can tea do for you? tea health benefits

Chai Iced Tea Cubes by willcookforfriends: Just add milk, or your favorite vegan substitute! #Iced_Tea_Cubes #Chai

DIY London Fog Latte (Earl Grey Latte) -- so delicious and comforting to make homemade, and SO much cheaper than Starbucks | #drink