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bird with vivid color spreading wings - Bird with vivid colour spreads it wings as it keep its balance on a tree branch.

west caucasian tur - Photo of a West Caucasian Tur relaxing on a rocky hill.

monkey with a broken nose - Macaque monkey with a broken nose plays with empty egg tray.

baby primate on top of a dead tree - Young Baboon standing on a dead tree inside a zoo.

mammal's with pouch - Wallaby is a kangaroo looking animal that also have a pouch to nurture their young.

flying herons near marina on water - On the Florida ICW the sunny day by the marina.

dead trees leaning on rock - A pale dead pine tree that has fallen over and collided with a verticle rock wall along with a few other trees.

tea fields with mountain - Tea fields with a mountain in the background in Kodanad, India.