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The one and only - makeup trick to make the eyes pop!

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

Great make up tricks

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finally a makeup that's not too dark

HOW TO Tightline Eyes with Pencil or Gel Eye Liner

Makeup Tips And Tricks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger. Thank god @Tiffany Demmon found this. I just realized that when I smile my eyes are super tiny!

Seductive glam by @phernandez_mk in #esqido lashes in #voilalash | esqido.com

Women over the age of 40 need to change the way they do their makeup! Here's how... (video)...Also includes an episode on how to color your hair with sidewalk chalk!

You can also tailor your eyeliner shape to your eye shape, once you feel confident in your application skills.

bobby pin trick - I had NO idea I was using bobby pins incorrectly. I feel like I just learned that I've been putting my shoes on the wrong feet or wearing my underwear backwards my whole life. That's what I get for not paying attention to these things like all the other girls.

"Eye Lift" with white eye liner. This totaly works. I have dark eyes and have dark circles under my eyes once in a while, brightens instantly. Very cool trick. Make sure you blend on the eyelid and brow area. Unless you want to look like Morticia Addams. lol.


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10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School...don't just pin this, click the link and glean the info! I LOVE this!

Simple Everyday eye Make-Up

Make-up Trick: Fuller Lips

Shimmer - highlight with a bronzy glow #AilleaNaturalBeauty

Beauty Secret: For a natural look, try using plain Vaseline on your lashes instead of mascara. It darkens lashes, it wont dry up to make lashes break off, and it wont cake up. -Monti