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The one and only - makeup trick to make the eyes pop!

"Eye Lift" with white eye liner. This totaly works. I have dark eyes and have dark circles under my eyes once in a while, brightens instantly. Very cool trick. Make sure you blend on the eyelid and brow area. Unless you want to look like Morticia Addams. lol.

Wedding Day Makeup

Black and blue eyeliner - love this trick! make brown-eyed girls look hazel!

Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Eyes <3

<3 wedding makeup i would just add a pop of color with shimmer ;) .. For the whole makeup from eye's to eyebrows to lips

Prim liner in crease, beautiful to soften, gorgeous at center of lid innocent at brow line and pristine at inner eye then blended. ❤️this look

Eye makeup tricks

Brown and grey simple smokey eye.

Eye Brightening Tutorial


Naked 3 Makeup Looks - Beauty Point Of View

Soft Look

Eye Makeup

Tutorial for Bigger Eyes

love to learn how to do makeup like an expert!

This is an old school YSL trick, and it still works. Put a thumbprint of gold/bronze in the center of a dark lid.