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There's way more to Vegas than the strip. If you're headed down south for a short trip, be sure to head outside of the city to see Red Rock Canyon.

Valley of Fire Wave, Nevada. Omg. Its so red and beautiful!! The rocks are like a pink swirl peppermint. It is so beautiful. AND the sky with it too!! AHH! 

Redheads photo: Redhead poem This photo was uploaded by Evil_n_Innocent_2_n_1

I want this when I get to park in my garage again...

Redhead Quotes in pictures - Everything for Redheads

If you are enjoying a Redhead raise your glass. If not, raise your standards!

Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.Canada- It's one of the most visited sightseeing destination trails in the Waterton Lakes National Park located in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. Red Rock Canyon GalleryThe easy access of the canyon and the bright red rock scenery of the river bed contribute to the popularity of the Red Rock Canyon. And, because of the easy access, it draws large crowds and is enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.