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too cute More #HalloweenCostumes

Homemade Florida Flip Flop Halloween costume idea (flip flop made from foam!)

Coolest Homemade Florida Flip Flop Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Florida Flip Flop Halloween Costume Idea: This is my daughter wearing the Coolest Florida Flip Flop Costume. We live in Florida so when she asked to be a flip flop for Halloween it was no surprise.

This site is the Pinterest of costumes. I'll be glad I posted this one next year!

Coolest 1000+ Homemade Costumes You Can Make!

There are over homemade costumes on this site.We'll help you find the very coolest Halloween costume ideas and inspiration you're looking for so you can dream up and create your own amazing homemade costumes.

Muy chulo para una comparsa...

This Crayon girls group costume was half homemade. Our 12 and 13 year old LUNATICS softball team played a Halloween tournament dressed as Lunat.

Halloween decorations

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Homemade Peacock Costume Collection - Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Head-Turning Peacock Costume - 100% Homemade!

Looking for a stunning DIY costume this Halloween? This collection of fabulously feathery homemade peacock costumes is absolutely incredible.

Head shots

Hunter's Trophy Wall Taxidermy Group Costume

Cool Homemade “Shark Week” Group Costume - 0

Cool Homemade "Shark Week" Group Costume

Halloween DIY Costumes: Pooh Bear, Piglet & Tigger  pinterest: @charlottetweed

My roommates (Monica and Morgan) and I have always wanted to be Pooh Bear, Piglet and Tigger but we didn't know how to turn these cartoon characters into real life costumes with keeping that cartoon theme as well as being on a budget.

Costume du désinfectant, des germes et des risques de maladies biologiques

Disinfectant Wipe, Germ and Biohazard Waste Group Costume

Disinfectant Wipe, Germ and Biohazard Waste Group Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest