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Not Your Fault - Mother's Day Greeting Cards - Magnolia Press - Teal - Blue : Front

I will not beg anyone to be in my child's life, you're either in or out on your own... my child will grow to be great either way. It's your Fault if you miss it.

Just sayin. Wrap that shit up or deal with baby mama drama (it's called that for a reason)

Son, it's your mother's fault I'm a Deadbeat Dad, she wouldn't let me live off of her anymore!

Perfect Mother's Day card, LOL- the inside said some of it is Dad's fault but a friend had a funnier line, Therapist lie! LOL


14 Takeaways for Fatherless Sons

His leaving wasn't about you it was about him - Dad - fatherhood quotes - father quotes - single mom - life of a single mother

my therapist says it’s not your fault/happy mother’s day & smart ass/what i mean is… congrats grad cards by oh my word

Well put. Its not my sons job to be in anyone life. He will not stop his life for anyone. They want to see him, they can come to him! Its not his fault his dad is a pos douche! Its better they all stay away anyways. My son is happy w out drama bs! M<3

Deadbeat Dads, may your father's day be as free of parental responsibility as every other day of the year.

I'm sorry that everytime you are in the car with me you think you are going to die. | Apology Ecard |

Well what do you mean?? Isnt everything always the mother's fault?!? Or is that just the easy way out of facing reality? Hmmm...

If a mother and father Can love more than One only makes sense that a child Can love more than One mom or dad.