These "welcome back to school" cards will incite lots of excitement for the new school year.

Life is Better Messy Anyway

Life is Better Messy Anyway

Celebrate a new school year with a special welcome back card.

Welcome students back with a card made just for them.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Smooth Sailing Back to School Tips and Giveaway: Preparing for the New School Year

Blog post says: This year I put out items that parents could donate to our classroom if they would like. The sign read: "Please pick an apple (or two), if you are able to donate supplies to our classroom!” The apples had the item listed on it that could be donated and where it could be found. I had many parents leaving with an apple this year!

Back To School Activity Book - Welcome To Third Grade - A great student activity book to use during the first week of school. #education #tpt

Remind your students to use their good manners by displaying these cute posters in Spanish. The posters included are in white and black background versions: 1. Pido las cosas por favor y doy las gracias. 2. Soy amable con mis amigos y animales. 3. No distraigo ni molesto a los demás con mis manos. 4. Comparto mis materiales. 5. Espero mi turno para jugar. 6. Levanto la mano antes de hablar. 7. Me cubro la boca al estornudar o toser. 8. Escucho con atención y respeto.

This is a great activity to get to know your students. This is a one page Spanish pennant banner perfect for first week of school. Once your students have completed the banners, string them together and hang them in the classroom or hallway. Great for: First day of school All about me activity Writing activity Open house Parent night, and so much more!

Fairness, character

What authentic literacy! Ask kids to find and bring in 10 labels, then sort them into the alphabet! FUN!

My students in Spanish 1 are confusing their verbs. None of my usual techniques are working so, I am trying something different. List the verbs (in the infinitive), transfer to card stock, cut to size and put in plastic box. Add meanings, subject pronouns, and endings for -AR, -ER, and-IR verbs plus irregular conjugations. Put it all on card stock and cut to size. Students each get a box to practice, work in pairs, quiz each other, and begin creating sentences. I think this will work great!

Students make pennant banners to describe themselves. Great for bulletin boards or classroom decorating.

@MrsWheeler's welcome back to school cards makes us wish we were in her class!

Runde's Room: Hook Them from the First Day ... Tips for Back to School

This website has a helpful list of must-have procedures to go over with students on the first few days of school. The list is thorough and it's important to teach these procedures for an efficient classroom.

This 36 page set of worksheets, task cards, games, a writing activity, math activities and more will keep your kids busy learning the first week. These activities are great not only for student learning, but to provide you as a teacher, a simple way to get to know the kids, while allowing them to get to know one another, and helping them make the transition to a new classroom. Love this for Back to School! $

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

Have student wrinkle up the paper heart (not tearing it) and then try to flatten it out. Discuss how words or actions can harm a heart and take time to heal.... Good first week of school activity

Motivational blogs, ready-made posters, and more. Items to simplify CCSS, to inspire teachers, to motivate students, etc.