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I would not like this one bit!


By Michael Rougier, Tokyo, 1964

As this bird takes flight so do are hopes and dreams with it. Descending towards the heavens bringing messages back and forth. Threw the trees so icy cool the scene captivates ones mind and you escape to another world.

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Forced Perspective: The London Eye Bike Edition.


"Light streams through my prison window - hopes of a new dawn." JF.

The way how life (by Massimo Margagnoni)


Ansel Adams

Paris 1969 Foto: Henri Cartier-Bresson

park bench

Ferris wheel / Black and white photography - marker background, ink silhouettes

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something especially something creative. Inspiration comes from reaching a mind set feeling like when you finally arrive at the top of a roller coaster which is why i have chosen this picture. This picture represents a mind when it has finally reached the top and its finally going to let all its ideas free.