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We expect teachers to reach unattainable goals with inadequate resources.The mirace is this: they often do.

Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers: Let’s Integrate…

Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers: Let’s Integrate Technology!

Legos, crafts, books ...AND kids need technology, too. It's the future of the world they live in. Find the right BALANCE!

“Yes, kids love tech, but they also love Lego, scented markers, books & mud puddles. It’s all about balance.

TIME to stand up against standardized testing! Yes, and as April looms ahead my mindset is in complete denial to the realization that it is that time of year again, standardized test prep… It was this quote from, Jeannie Fulbright that inspired this blog in the first place.....

"If the purpose for learning is to score well on a test, we've lost sight of the real reason for learning." - Jeannie Fulbright YET, we feel pressured to ensure that our students score well!

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child. ~ George Santayana    I wish more people knew/believe this! A teacher and the school can only do so much! It is the parents, care givers, family and friends who really educate a child in the areas that matter.

Parents as Partners

So true,, for my sisters who teach...xoxo

50 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Teachers to Take to School

Behold: a list of 15 carefully-curated quotes that I hope will lend you a little fuel as you power through to a well-deserved break from the world’s most important job.

Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more.

Good teachers are costly because they leave and bad teachers cost more because they don't do their job and our kids suffer.