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We grew both feed corn & sweet corn. We, kids, used to fill a wagon with sweet corn & then pull it behind the garden tractor to Rt. 15. We'd park it in front of our church & sell it to the passersby.

My family has a tradition of hanging corn every year to bless our homes.

purple corn..... read a nice episode on this in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" by E.G.Speare looooong time back.

Mason Jar 2 by Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area, via Flickr

wolvesandwind: WANT MORE LIKE THIS?: Wolves & Wind;;Autumn • Wolves• Beauty • NatureAlso check out my BOTW: Punk1n @ tumblr

Corn Cob by Eskimo Kiss Photography, via Flickr

my favorite season which is why I named my daughter Autumn, it it the most beautiful, colorful season of the year.

'Come Little Leaves,' said the Wind One Day. 'Come Over the Meadow with Me and Play.' - Grandmother's Song

Lughnasadh: #Lughnasadh marked the end of Summer and the beginning of the harvest season; on that day, the first meal of the year's new food crop was eaten. Paramount was the resorting of the rural communities to certain heights or watersides, to spend the day in festivity, sports, and bilberry-picking. This custom is believed to have existed throughout the Celtic lands.