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AMEN. Girls take note: LIFT. And don't be afraid to lift heavy. I promise you won't bulk up. It's genetically impossible. You'll just get sexy, toned muscles, while burning fat.

Simplifying Fitness With StudioHop: Austin's Alternative to ClassPass

Whatever it takes, figuring out the best ways to take care of yourself and be the best version of yourself. The most effective ways to get a variety of workouts in and never get bored! Studiohop Fitness! via Lauren Jade Lately

I really love this kid! We are just like minded I do believe. That either means she is really mature or I am just a child at heart or maybe both! Thx sweet girl

Morning Fitness Motivation (20 Photos)

People who are motivated by achievement desire to improve skills and prove their competency to themselves and others. It can be an internal desire to strive for personal accomplishment or a search for positive feedback or recognition from others.If you're motivated by achievement and recognition fro

I wanna see my daughter get married, I wanna see my grandchildren get married, I wanna see my great grand children get married, and then I want poeple to tell me I look amazing for