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black and white! love this! if i get a sleeve it will look like this! not all filled in :]

Love the diamond tattoo on her ring finger

ink and other random beautiful things that define me

Don't care what people say. Tattoos are just a way some people choose to express themselves!! Suck on it haters ; P

Mehndi aka Henna, wow on the back, that's different... could be hot on your wedding night (Indo-Pak brides)

Love the bright blues and purples!

This is the final design for the next part of my thigh sleeve. The theme of the sleeve is family, as my family is very important to me! The meaning and importance of this part is my ancestors. Some of my ancestors were Romany gypsys, therefore I want this on tattooed on my thigh. I cannot wait and my tattoo is booked for friday :)

All sleeves should reach at least this far onto the hand.

She's so bad ass. If I didn't want a serious job after college, I'd so do this