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L.A. Circus Is Animal-Free For The First Time in 88 Years

Two tigers leaping through burning rings of fire at circus

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These Circus Elephants Were Reunited 25 years Later At An Elephant Sanctuary. Their Story Is Moving love animals amazing elephant story animal interesting wild life elephants facts stories heart warming

Bolivia bans all circus animals

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Behind the Scenes Suffering of Circus Chimpanzees Exposed. Animal Defenders International is marking this year’s International Primate Day by raising awareness about the suffering of chimpanzees who are used in entertainment.

When he comes to live with me he won't be in a cage anymore. I just decided..

Black and white image. Lion in a cage.'so sad looking.



Boycott the circus Absolutely heartbreaking!

Boycott the circus Absolutely heartbreaking!

Boycott the circuses that still use animals....

Boycott the circuses that still use animals.

Victory! Etsy Bans Endangered Animal Products -  "Earlier this spring, the Snow Leopard Trust raised concerns about illegal listings for products made with endangered animal parts, which were spurred by an item that was listed as “genuine real snow leopard fur.” After attempting to have their concerns heard by Etsy, they created a Care2 petition that has since gathered more than 33,000 signatures".

Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, has updated its policies to crack down on sales of items made from endangered animals.

Circus | Tiger

Circus | Tiger

A convention center recently hosted a circus with performing bears that have allegedly been abused and neglected. Animals trapped in the entertainment industry are often subjected to severe neglect and cruel and painful training techniques. Sign this petition to demand that this venue no longer host events with animal acts.

Demand Venue Only Host Animal-Free Events

Rescue Bears from Abusive Circus Petition ~

Palm oil-- We are all in this together-- say no to cruel practices that yield unhealthy crops. Let's stick together!

Stay clear from all palm oil! What is in uncertified Palm Oil? Elephants are baited and poisoned because they destroy oil palm crops. Ensure the products you buy do not contain any uncertified palm oil.

WSPA USA 2013 Achievements: Thank you for moving the world to protect an...

WSPA USA 2013 Achievements: Thank you for moving the world to protect animals



Похожее изображение

Похожее изображение


No elephant does this without being abused - do not support circuses that include animals. otherwise you are supporting animal abuse for entertainment.please help them, they need our help