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James Franco

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James Franco. Je me confesse: je ne fais pas partie des filles qui trippent sur James Franco (Jugez moi ;-P), mais je dois avouer qu'il est très charismatique et qu'il dégage vraiment quelque chose!! (Le Monde Fantastique d'Oz) ;-)

it's not just that he's gorgeous, it's the whole james franco vibe.

James Franco... If I hadn't already found the love of my life, I would hunt him down and make him mine

james franco literally im in love with him....its a problem

franco can wear this shirt cause he truly does have swag ... and class Fernanda - I couldn't care less about what shirt franco is wearing, in fact we would all be better if he just got rid of them all ;)

James Franco Style. time to start buying my husband a new style of clothing ;)

James Franco mmmmmm he is what you call man pretty :p