feeling good

This is really funny

haha, disgusting yet funny too

:) hee hee

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The most vulgar character of all time… lol

AHAHA!!! @Brianna Fernandez this is what you have to look forward to!

Stupidity still amazes me..

Well Played

😍Realistic 💘Valentine's Day 🍭Candy 💕hearts. By the way who 👄eats those conversation 💜hearts? Their Terrible👎! They taste like chalk mixed with 💊tums. Does anyone actually love these? Do you say, "oh yay it's finally 💝Valentine's Day, I've waited all year for this, Chalky 💌Valentine 💕hearts, Get in my belly!!!" ❓❔❓❔❓.

Whose line ❤

when one finger crosses another. lol.


i'd have to give this kid full credit

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Hilarious :D