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31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

31 insanely easy and clever DIY projects (a couple of these I have pinned individually, but there are more on there that I haven't. Check it out!)

The Coolest 34 DIY Projects You Need To Make This Spring

Check Almost lost, ancient skills for making leather, forged metal, colored glass and carved wood decorations, create fabulous, expensive and exclusive unique crafts for home decorating that add sensual, luxurious and exotic feel to interior design style.

It's Elementary-Avant Garde Art Made With Crayons

Shave crayons in whatever color/pattern onto a canvas, cover with wax paper and iron the whole canvas! The crayons will melt, creating your masterpiece!! Art Club

Make a Candle Holders From Dry twigs - Add rustic beauty to your mantle with twig candle holders. This DIY project is simple and natural, using just a flat candle holder, garden pruners, craft adhesive and dry tree or shrub branches of your choosing.

tub + dowel rod = ribbon storage This is another problem. I have a lot of crafts and not a lot of room to do crafting stuff. My solution was a small storage unit at The Storage Company in London, Ontario. I place all my extra stuff in storage and can visit my until 24/7. Sometimes I even do a little crafting in my storage unit since I can be bothered by anyone :)

DIY Heart Knot DIY Projects / on imgfave. You could make this a necklace by getting some bulk chain, doing the knot with the chain, and then attaching a clasp! You could add beads too!