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Great video for learning the planets! Funny, too! We've watched it several times and Isabelle now knows all the planets in order (me too!)

Our Solar System..Science/Art Project Colored chalk and Q-tips Deborah Gangi-Hall 5th grade..McKinley School K-8 Pasadena, CA

Awesome solar system craft with buttons and a canvas needlework mat. From Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

Solar System Information Infographic

via Gizmodo: Learn Everything About the Solar System with This Awesome Animation

The Digestive System Animation (Ariella can't seem to get enough of this video.)

Planet order! Melanie Hawkins Leann Childers

Solar System Poster- the fiance would love this!

A tutorial for creating a stunning wooden solar system and free matching printable cards. Using birch knobs of differing sizes (they are flat on one side) and hand paint them for an incredibly beautiful Montessori science activity.

HSS-E1-A: The student will investigate & understand the characteristics of the Earth and the solar system. Key Concepts include: Position of the Earth in the solar system Print the worksheet on card stock, cut out, and have the students put the planets in order. Students could also number the planets to demonstrate order.

A short booklet for a space unit in early elementary grades. Students can write in fun facts, color in planets, and more in order to learn about the 8 planet of our solar system!