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    since your chargers and other appliances steal energy even when you're not using them, this little add-on reminds you to unplug them.

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    • K Cito

      Hang On Outlet. It is basically a power outlet equipped with a bit of extra lip to support your loose plugs, allowing you to keep your power management spick and span. Add Some Spark to Your Home with 10 Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

    • Runesong

      Good idea for my toaster, coffee pot and waffle maker "Hang on Outlet" has a little shelf for unplugged plugs. genius.

    • Mariyah

      Hang On Outlet << No more rummaging behind the sofa for that plug. Just for all the other stuff down there.

    • Donna Lucier

      "Hang on Outlet" has a little shelf for unplugged plugs. (still trying to find a source to purchase from)


      Cool Stuff We Like Here @ ------- << Original Comment >> ------- Hang On Outlet... Use only when needed... Unplug, clip neatly on this holder and save money

    • LoveMyBooks

      "Hang on Outlet" has a little shelf for unplugged plugs. Perfect for alternative energy homes, when you want to unplug things to keep them from sucking power but still keep the cord organized.

    • Anne Jenkins

      Saving a little extra money on your next power bill is as easy as unplugging your power cables now and then. After all, those greedy gadgets keep sucking power from the grid even when not in use. Designer Paulo Oh has come up with an extremely simple solution to this problem with an outlet that includes hangers for your plugs. Naturally, this little feature means that you don't have to deal with cords lying all willy-nilly on the floor. It is only a concept at this point, but with this whole power conservation thing catching on, I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar available in the near future. [Yanko via Ubergizmo]

    • Laura Morrison

      Hang On Outlet -- concept idea or real product?

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