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    Yes, please do this! It bugs me so much when it doesn't link right to the post.

    • Kim van Velzen

      Goede #Pinterest tip: zorg dat je de juiste afbeelding in je blog pint zodat de link naar de info goed is!

    • HollyR

      Pinterest tip - When pinning from a blog, make sure you pin from the SPECIFIC POST that your pin is about. Do not pin from the main page of the blog. Click on the title of the post you want to pin to isolate the post before you pin it. Pinning from the main page or page 3 is frustrating to others who then have to track down the actual pin.

    • Caitlin Wells LMT

      Pinterest tip: Pinning from a blog, pin from the SPECIFIC post your pin is about NOT the main page. :)

    • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

      Pinterest Tip: "When pinning from a blog, make sure you pin from the SPECIFIC POST that your pin is about, not from the main page of the blog. Click on the title of the post to isolate the post before you pin it. (Otherwise, when people click through your pin, they won't be able to find the post you were pinning, which is very frustrating.) Thanks, on Behalf of Pinners Everywhere. :-D #pinterest #tips #newbies

    • Making Sense Out of Chaos: My Journey

      Pinterest tip. #blog #tricks #wp #blogger #google #blogging #blogger #wordpress #entrepreneur

    • Sarah

      Please pass this along :) #pinterest tip original post blog

    • Mary Brautigam

      Pinterest | Minds in Bloom.... I never knew this before!

    • Melissa Perry

      Pictures for Pinterest | Minds in Bloom

    • pat papandreopoulos

      Minds in Bloom: Pinterest Tip #1

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    ★★~ Tips for Staying Safe on Pinterest ~★★~ There are a growing number of people who pin just for the sake of spreading viruses and causing damage to computers. Knowledge is our best weapon against these criminals. I encourage everyone to REPIN and SHARE this with all of their friends and family on Pinterest. ~★★

    Really good Pinterest tips.

    Pinterest Etiquette - 1) DO pin from the original source, when at all possible. 2) DO link to the permalink and not the main blog URL. 3) DON'T pin from a Google images search. 4) DON'T copy and paste the entire text of a tutorial, recipe, etc. into your pin. 5) If you have a blog, do track who is pinning your content. :- ) Click on the photo to check out the full article for details on how to do all these things successfully! ♥

    13 Pinterest Tips from Mashable

    Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest #Pinterest Tips to keep in mind

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    20 Pinterest Tricks and Tips You Might Not Have Discovered - useful tips if you are new to Pinterest from Social Worker Worker Worker Marketing Writing ✯ #socialmedia #pinterest

    Pinterest Pillow by Craftsquatch! No office is complete without a Pinterest pillow. A must pin.

    EcoSphere - self contained aquatic ecosystem. Enclosed in glass, this miniature ecosystem is self sustaining with the perfect balance of animal and plant life

    Pinterest: what is it, who's using it, how does it work, why should you use it, what's social about it, what's pinnable, pin-ready images, pin-ready websites, rules, profiting, pin-alytics and more...

    This is an excellent article! How to convert your Pinterest Visitors to Subscribers • • • • . I don't know about you, but I am DIYing this whole PINTEREST enterprise. So please accept this pin with that understanding. Such pins help me with my hobby, which IS Pinterest. ;)

    Build A Better Blog.

    Changes are coming to Pinterest so that websites will be able to block users from pinning from them because images are shared with no credit to the artist or original poster. If we would all agree to share with respect by naming the original artist, source, or photographer, we could avoid all that. Please repin the message to "Share With Care" on Pinterest.

    Tips for Optimizing Pinterest @russej10 #pinterest #tips

    Find the Original IMAGE SOURCE ... Super Easy! Try it! You'll like it :-) ... PINNERS: At least, post source name & link back to the source! It shows, not just good ethics and character on our part, but just as important - respect to the source! (And a big thank you, GraphicsFairy!) ... ARTISTS & PHOTOARTISTS - You're missing a huge advertising/marketing opportunity. CAPTION your art with ©, your name, website. Post an image on the web - throw a feather into the wind. Same thing.

    good tips