Piano stairs

17 astounding staircases from all around the world. (The accompanying text is badly written, but the pictures are amazing.)

Keyboard stairs! Milan, Italy

Wonder if Eddie will let me do this in our house...I would truly love him forever! But how would I decide which titles to use?!?!


street art : flowers on concrete | (Source: appleday, via jammdrop)

Steps to the Sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico photo via welcome #PrimerasVecesbyCyzone

Hopscotch Stairs in Sydney. They light up when people walk up the stairs.

Piano stairs again...But these are not my favorite


Awesome graffiti

Piano Key Staircase. Very cool, I should've thought of this :)


Under the stairs bookshelves (but I guess you need a ladder to reach those high places)

Hammock bed...with a view

Street art in London: MBW #streetart #graffiti #mural


Slide or stairs?

Piano Doorbell!