List of social skills along with specific strategies for teaching those skills

19 Essential Social Skills

life skills - A nice poster to use as flashcards with social skill building

social skills

Social Skills Problem Solving Wheel

Free apps list

Social Skills I Did it

These easy-to make meters help children with Asperger's to increase their awareness of voice volume, personal space and levels of formality. Print them, laminate them, cut them out. Tags: autism, asperger's, personal space, voice volume This was pinned by .  Follow all our boards.

Skills & Relationship to School Performance Handout for OTs

Understanding the way the world works is so confusing for many of Autistic Spectrum - making it essential to teach Social Skills to People with Autism

Good graphic for coping skills...some things I can't change. This graphic created by Rebecca Waddell.

Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom.

Social Skills Accepting "No"

Social Skills Prompts- FREE

#parenting #quotes Developing Social Skills for Children

cool blog that has tons of kids books used to teach social skills. great for the beginning of the year, or reminders throughout the year.

strategies to curtail tattling

Social Skills Central - Tons of free pdfs you can download with social scenarios or stories, from preschool - high school age level.

A Love for Teaching: beginning of the year

Please Don't Run - Autism Social Story - PECS Visual Aid Learning Book - Safety social skills story

Social/Emotional learning strategies