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Geodesic Dome Treehouse Made by a 23 Year Old o2 sustainability treehouse, dustin feider, tree house architecture, treehouse, green building, green design – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Join - the global place for architecture students.~~Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2014

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Suspended Dom'Up tree tents look like flying saucers in the forest

Lightweight DOM'UP treehouse tent can stay up for decades without harming the trees | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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10 Most Awesome Tree Houses

Geodesic dome in a tree!

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E'terra Samara is an Amazing Treehouse Retreat Designed for the Forests of Canada

E'terra Samara treehouse retreat designed for Canadian forests, lovely! Charmante retraite E'Terra Samara est une cabanne conçu pour les forêts canadiennes ! Innovative tree house by Toronto based firm Farrow Partnership Architects


20 Awesome Treehouses That Will Astound You

Roost Treehouse. It is designed to copy the natural curves found in nature. The purpose was to build a treehouse that could blend in with the surrounding forest. The treehouse is built using sustainable materials. The design by Antony Gibbon looks like it came straight from Lothlorien (The Eleves’ forest home) in Lord of the Rings.

Sustainable Living-omg...


New Zealand's Whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Towers Above The Redwood Forest

Cool treehouses

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Live in Harmony with Nature in These Super Sexy Tree House Cabins

Need a place to reconnect with nature? How about a low-impact treehouse cabin?