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Coming later in 2012

Operation Ares, book cover

This Immortal, book cover

More Stories from the Twilight Zone, book cover

E.E. Doc Smith's classic Lensman series: Galactic Patrol, book cover

The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke

Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny. Signet 1980. Cover artist Robert Pepper

E Pluribus Unicorn

Robots and Changelings, art by Richard M. Powers, book cover

Galactic Derelict by Andre Norton

To Live Forever -- Jack Vance. Art by Richard M. Powers, book cover

This is my character, Water Lily, on the cover

Andy Miah took this photo of me at Virtual Futures. I've always liked it.

Me and the audience at Scamp 2012

I also fight zombies

Actually, I'd love this anthology even if I didn't have a story in it. But I'm really glad I do.

I'm briefly interviewed about my story in this anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams

Any questions?

US trade paperback

Original US cover