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#Cancer can't cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, destroy peace, kill friendship, suppress memories, silence courage, invade the soul, steal eternal life, or conquer the spirit. | #LIVESTRONG #inspiration

A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul! ~ Proverbs 27:9 #bibleverses

Classic pooh wall decal adventure quote by wildgreenrose on Etsy

20 Friendship quotes guaranteed to make you smile | Efficient Life Skills

8 little tweaks that will make you a lot happier

A must-read post for Christians! Learn the four words that will radically alter your perspective, teaching you how to handle hard relationships. adivineencounter....

The 100 Day Experiment is a game changer. Whatever habit it is you want to make (or break)--there's something magical about picking a thing and doing it for 100 days. It's enough time to make a difference, but not enough time for panic about doing something uncomfortable FOREVER to kick in.

Only you can change your life. There is nothing wrong with doing something better. Only the envious will have something to say.

When the going gets though, remember this! Re-pinned by Tools-for-Abundan...

TED Talks. Read the titles. Every Child Needs a Champion. The Mind Behind Tesla and other things. Women in Leadership Roles. 30 is not the new 20. Sitting is killing us. Motivation. A stroke of Insight. to name a few...

You are what you eat. So don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.

Faith In Humanity Restored

LOVE THIS! What a pretty and sentimental printable for your laundry room. It's SO true and may make doing laundry a bit less tedious since you will be reminded how much you will miss it once your kids are grown and gone! By Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

Letter to my daughter for her graduation from 8th grade.

5 Ways Successful People Start Their Days Cannot stress enough how important structure is in order to be successful. Unstructured lazy days are okay for vacation but not a lifestyle.

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10 Tips for Healthy, Effective Parenting --- Being a parent requires much. It is a good idea to continue investing as a parent so that you are in top shape to raise your little ones! It can be exhausting, yet so rewarding hang in there and keep striving! Maria Benson wanted to sha… Read More Here - Marriage, Love

Very True.


I should make this into a shirt and wear it out with the boys! Full Hands Full Heart 5x7 Art Print by ellolovey on Etsy

Love this

Tonight, my husband shared with me a poem that he found on Facebook. A poem that made me cry. A poem that gave me a renewed joy for the little things in life. I hope you'll enjoy it too! Danniel J. Lennax is the author of this heartfelt poem. Sign up to get weekly inspiration delivered right

in the blink of an eye... wish I could make certain people in my life wake up and realize whats important in life

Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today. ~ Doe Zantamata Via @Sara Nickleberry #quotes #motivation #inspiration