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Boston suburbs on lockdown amid search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect

I pinned this to my board titled Words but there really aren't any to describe this scene in an American neighborhood. Prayers for you Boston. Glad it's over so you can begin the next phase of healing.

Republicans call for extension of Patriot Act at debate

Cop Shoots, Kills College Student for Speaking Disrespectfully We are living in the police state that all the great thinkers and writers feared. Biggest gang of murders to legally roam our streets, they think killing people is funny.

Everyone deserves the same equal treatment, period. If their own personal actions have made them worthy of punishment, then that is not because of their identity or being, but because of their actions.

Research, Please. GMO's, Chemtrails, Agenda 21, Haliburton, Fema camps, Monsanto Protection Act, Question 9/11.. please, look into these things for yourself.. be skeptical, but keep an open mind and THINK for yourself.

UN Convention on the rights of the government to wrest control away from parents. One of the first agendas of the Orwellian NWO is to tear children away from parents & give control of human beings to the government instead...

Judge Dale provides some excellent information about what has been going on behind the scenes in the world of banking. To be honest, his comments about gold being used to prop-up the US dollar seem...