Everything Is AWESOME!!! -- song/video from The LEGO® Movie -- Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

Free moving song. The kids love, love, love this song.

Five Little Bunnies | Easter Bunny Song - YouTube

The Happy Birthday Song

"In the Hall of the Mountain King" stop ani, lego orchestra - this is inspiring me

Madagascar 2- I Like to Move IT

video - Just Dance - Cotton Eye Joe indoor recess

Do You Know Your Alphabet? (ABC song for kids! Song by Mark D. Pencil and Friends)

Brain Break: Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

If You're a Kid (Dance Around!) (song for kids about following directions) - YouTube

Frozen "In Summer" Song - Sing-a-long with Olaf - Official | HD - YouTube For when I need a smile. :)

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum - Childrens Song - Kids Song by The Learning Station

Despicable Me Song Brain Break

everybody dance now - 1 minute dance break

Banana and potato song.

Three Branches of Government Rap - Smart Songs

The Macarena is simple for even very young kids to do, and this Alvin and the Chipmunks video version is actually appropriate to play in class

The Number Rock (song)

▶ Button Factory - Children's Song - Kids Songs By The Learning Station - YouTube