Wrist coin pouches- got mine out of a cereal box. Never really used it except wearing it around the house pretending to be cool.

| 34 Pieces Of Super ’90s Jewelry - is it wrong that wish I had all of these still?!

Velcro wallets.

plastic, waterproof coin holder #80s

I can still remember the smell

Bubble Gum Machine.

beaded coin purse

The best thing ever!

Friendship bracelets. All about the neon

Still on the scene: scrunchies.

90s stencils

90s Candy (30 Photos)

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90's kid candy... Best stuff ever! We used to pretend it was lip stick lol

Neon bandjes

53 Things Only ’80s Girls Can Understand. I only remember some of these! I was born in 1986.

I had one of these when I was little. My grandma always put change in it everyday before I left for school.

mini backpacks #90s

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I Heart the 90s (Hoodie)

Jelly sandals. #90s