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Classroom Management Strategies | 25 classroom management strategies to get silence from a noisy group of students

Nice! Which step have you reached today?

Classroom Poster

For the beginning of the year

Classroom rules

Favorite First Week Read Alouds...

Critical Thinking Posters

Positive expectations. Very succinct.

Classroom rules changed into quotes... (In this Classroom, I FOCUS) By Mrs. Harris Teaches Science

Teaching is so important in so many different ways. We don't only teach our subject matter, but also teach students about life and help them reach their dreams and in turn we are also constantly learning from our students.

For students who are doing nothing and therefore not learning anything! (Freebie)

Anti-gossip poster

"Hard Work and Learning" Classroom Poster

clever classroom sign


love this poster!

Use in classroom

First Signs Poster – Say It In Sign

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A must Have Classroom Poster about Facebook bullying