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7 retro baby trends from London

This year many of the products at The Baby Show in London had a retro feel. With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics around the corner – Britain is celebrating the past all while looking towards the future.

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Just Another Day in Paradise: Chores: A Pinteresting Wednesday?

I absolutely adore this bible verse when it comes to babies. What a cute way to incorporate the verse in with precious photos of your new little one. This would look perfect over the crib or maybe the dresser. Love everything about this!

Sleeping Baby & Protective Dogs. Please DO NOT knock or ring the bell. Call or text if you need assistance.

This tactile bottle holder provides extra grip for toddlers lacking in the hand coordination department. | 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

A baby formula "Keurig-type" bottle maker. Crazy!

  • Faith Agnew Dowgin

    the hardest part of breastfeeding is all the people - mothers or not - who STILL manage to judge you because you don't do it "enough" or "right" or while you carry your baby in a sling as you puree organic vegetables into homemade frozen baby food - that you can't dare to feed them too soon, because there are rules about that, too. Isn't it more freeing for all of us to consider that there are very few mothers in this world who aren't doing exactly what they think is the best thing for their baby and their family, or trying their very best to do it, within their own experience of cultural norms, financial limitations, and other factors that actually aren't any of our business? The hardest part of being mom sometimes is other moms.

  • Claire Dollar

    This topic is something that needs to be approached with sensitivity! Some Moms can not breast feed for many many reasons from not producing to taking a while to bond (yes

  • Claire Dollar

    Not bonding right away and even stress! No mom is perfect, but they are perfect for their children! People need to be more sensitive to other moms!!

  • Bonnie Bumb

    I have three really close friends 1) can't breastfeeding her babies because she had breast cancer and had both breast removed , 2)doesn't produce enough milk no matter what after the baby is 2 weeks old and 3)had cancer and can't nurse so for those 3 women I KNOW this would be an AWESOME thing to have !!! And also to each their own , breastfeeding if you want or bottle feed if you want :) I've done both !!

  • Danielle McGee

    I nursed one, not the other. I CHOSE both! If I was able to have another, I would 100% nurse. There are people that can't. The excuse that their milk didn't come in, is a VERY and I mean VERY rare thing. However, it is the #1 excuse of women who are actually in fact choosing not to nurse. We need to stop mommy shaming. People wouldn't feel the need to make this excuse if we could just let it go. Why does it matter to anyone what is best for someone elses child? I knew what was best nutritionally for my first child but if I had kept nursing, I would not have been the best mommy to him. I admit I gave up too easily, but I had to choose to be a happy mommy to him instead. STOP mommy shaming!

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The Smart Baby Monitor allows you to monitor your baby everywhere with an unlimited range and for an unlimited time. Plus it has interaction and so many other great features.

Have baby photo session each month. Then on the photo, edit in his memorable moments that happened. The modern baby book - love it!

Bare bottle designed to mimic natural breastfeeding- extending and retracting during the feeding process.

I know it's not wedding related but if you guys don't have a baby like this than than the wedding isn't worth it :)

Baby must-have: Gentle but effective diapering cream. via @babycenter @diapersdotcom #musthavesforbaby

  • Melissa Maxwell

    I was going to get that, but found Weleda Baby Diaper Care cream to be very effective as well! Also before applying, Dr Beonner's Baby Mild soap (has coconut oil) helped.

  • Jessica Randazzo

    I tried this diaper cream on my son when he got a rash and it made him scream in pain. Once I read the ingredients I found out why, it contains alcohol. Who puts alcohol in a diaper rash cream?

  • Baby Bum Brush

    Instead of using your fingers to spread the cream on your baby's little bottom, use a BabyBumBrush! The cream goes on smoother and thicker and the brush is100% soft silicone BPA free!