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And even when they do no one can read your funny message to them. | 23 Soul-Crushing Problems Only Left-Handed People Understand


When you're 45 and still playing XBOX, I'll be sitting next to you with the second controller playing too

so. true.

For a reason

I understand your problem, but I still don't give a fuck.


My new favorite meme

totes magoats

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22. Unless we stay out past 10pm, then I'm like Nope, I'm 33...or older, much older. hahaha

Jennifer Lawrence quotes

Nice use of context...

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence wrecking ball. I love her.

Funny Quotes about Believing Yourself

Note to self...

Jennifer Lawrence quote


Listen, smile, agree.

some people do an awful lot of talking....

One of my favorite quotes from The Wizard of Oz.