• Jenna Hugh

    One Direction Shirtless Tank Top :ooooooooo

  • Amy Buckley

    SEXY 1D ONE DIRECTION Womens Tank Top Sleeveless T Shirt UK Boy Band Print S M

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Tom Daley..who cares if he's trying to steal gold medals from americans..he's still adorable

Kourtney Kardashian.. such pretty hair and i LOVE her shirt

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Deep Impact (1998). ♥

Sleeping With Sirens.

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Boys in eyeliner - love!

I'm kinda over the hunger games but i love this edit :)

Such a dramatic show toward the final episodes of the season

I really love the edit because it uses the best tvd scene ever :)


Boy Meets World :)

Does anyone remember Niley? Gosh YouTube used to be full of Niley stories and videos

1D topless on a tank.:)

This reminds me of Katherine's sun-stone necklace on Vampire Diaries

Love the dress and hair :)

zayn and that precious baby with amazingly freakout eyes ..hehe :)

the two cute ones :)

The Crazies. This movie is so freaky

Delena! I'm so scared Elena will choose to be single in the finale instead of choosing one of them.

Finnick and Annie from the Hunger Games.. like my fav edit ever! :)

Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens is soo cute but his voice is kinda amazing how high it is when he sings but yet he can still scream

This is why boys say their gay..for these cute moments but thing is their girlfriends want one direction more than them. :)