• Eileen McMahon

    Idea for Ecology Pyramids foldable! (Okay, I know, this particular pic is for a food chain/web, and, yes it's got some gross errors, but I like the overall idea for the foldable.) For each side: Energy Pyramid, Numbers Pyramid, Biomass Pyramid! I like it! You could also do something like food "webs" (trophic levels) for 3 different biomes! Compare and contrast!

  • Amberley Gregson

    Foldable Food Chain Pyramid

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Love this - food chain foldable:) Even better to open up a flap in the shark's stomach to see what he eats - then lift a flap up in them to see what they eat, etc.

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Week 3 -Food chain craft, simple...ALSO...I would trace the pyramid before making...then we can fill in the blanks ourselves with different plants/animals.

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