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  • Amy Sue

    Idea for Ecology Pyramids foldable! (Okay, I know, this particular pic is for a food chain/web, and, yes it's got some gross errors, but I like the overall idea for the foldable.) For each side: Energy Pyramid, Numbers Pyramid, & Biomass Pyramid! I like it! You could also do something like food "webs" (trophic levels) for 3 different biomes! Compare and contrast!

  • Amberley Gregson

    Foldable Food Chain Pyramid

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Wonderful end of year activity! Video guide for the touching movie "The Last Lions". Perfect as an engaging, topical, but fun activity for students who need a little break after standardized testing! Full movie available on YouTube! Your students will learn without effort as they create this "travel brochure" that reinforces biomes, ecology, ecosystems, food pyramid, food web, predators, prey, herbivores, scavengers, etc. A perfect wrap-up for any ecology unit!