Food chain pyramid foldable!

Week 3 -Food chain craft, simple...ALSO...I would trace the pyramid before making...then we can fill in the blanks ourselves with different plants/animals.

Science Fair: Coniferous Forest Food Web

food chain

Teaching Science With Lynda: Using Foldable Graphic Organizers with Interactive Notebooks

Food chain food web comparison

List of Free Educational Apps be grade level.

Grassland Biome Food Chain | Biome Food Web by Sarah

Animal Classification Foldable

Closure activity: 3-2-1 I'm stealing this! exit slip

Parts of a map foldable/interactive notebook--how could I use this?

pyramid food chain idea but challenge students to do something other than grass - rabbit - fox and the usual. let them do their own

Ocean Food Web- Ocean acidification poses grave threats to Krill, plankton, shellfish and corals—the loss of which would impact nearly every ocean creature and shore bird.

First Grade Wow: Food chain pyramid foldable - don't need to buy the unit - students can create their own pyramid foldable!

Ms. Mora interactive notebook printables for biology

Love this idea. Food Chain game out of styrofoam cups! Students put them in order and stack them. You can also do food webs by stacking them in a pyramid shape.

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Food Webs-coniferous biome

food chain

food chain game