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      A simple list of classroom reward ideas which can be used as a positive reinforcement aide in the classroom. (free on Teachers Pay Teachers)

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      CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: classroom rewards

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    Love this idea! Pull a name from the Mystery Hero jar. Don't say their name, but let kids know you are watching your Mystery Hero. If the Mystery Hero does a good job reward them, and if they aren't on their best behavior just say to the class that the Mystery Hero needs to try harder. Don't call the student out or let students know who it was.

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    Awesome list of procedures to teach at the beginning of year (Harry Wong would be Proud!)

    A few months ago I was looking at Teach 4 the Heart's traffic stats and noticed that someone had typed this search into Google: "My students control me." My heart immediately went out to this nameless teacher who was clearly in a tough situation and needed some help figuring out what to do.

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