Fluency Self Reflection

Fluency Self Check

Fluency Task Cards { Short stories for Oral Fluency Reading Practice } 32 Fluency Task Cards with varied sentence types to help your students practice their oral reading fluency! Perfect small group, whole group, or independent center fluency activity. $


Peace, Love, and First Grade: February 2013...maybe have them just do this once per week for Daily 5?

fluency rubric (rasinski) @Jennifer Jones

Non-Fiction Reading Response Choice Boards...great piece to add to my livrary or writing station


Each strategy (chunking, stretching out the word, skipping the word and using the rest of the sentence to figure it out, etc) is associated with a cute little animal to help students remember the strategy. There is also a bookmark to download with just the animals to cue kids as they read. Great resource!

INSTRUCTION: Toobaloo Phonological feedback design and Headset: Great to support students improve their fluency and expression. Great for any student, especially struggling readers. When students are engaged in silent reading this allows students to clearly hear, assess and correct without disturbing other students. The headset allows for handsfree use makes reading more comforatble.

My Fluency Graph...for students.

First Grade Reading Fluency and Comprehension Passages

App for practicing fluency- keeps track of words per minute

fluency mini-cards

Guided Reading and Daily 5 Rubrics - FREEBIE

Guided Reading Reflections

If you have your students keep Data Notebooks, this is a must have! It is a simple sheet for students to record their growth as a reader from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. There is a place for them to put their Fluency level and a place for them to record their Reading (Running Record) benchmark Level. No matter what assessment tool your school/district is using, this will work for you. Enjoy!

Making connections visual

Comprehension Guide Every Student Needs to Have

A writing rubric that can be used for any writing style, and it allows students to look back and check to see that the 6 writing traits are addressed.

Ideas of how to make a standards checklist.