Fluency Self Reflection

Fluency Self Check



fluency rubric (rasinski) @Jennifer Jones


"Instead of I Can't" --- Icebreaker the first couple days of school. Have the kids come up with different things to say instead of "I can't" and then post them in the classroom by the end of the week. Every time a kid says "I can't" they have to pick one off the poster to say instead.

My Fluency Graph...for students. for data notebooks ??

This FREE product is 2 pages long. It is a Word Study-Spelling Homework Menu that your students can use for any spelling words. I use Words Their Way in my first grade classroom. I attach each child's word sort to the menu each week, and they can choose 5 activities to complete throughout the week.

Non-Fiction Reading Response Choice Boards...great piece to add to my livrary or writing station

Student evaluation for Parent Teacher Conferences

Peace, Love, and First Grade: February 2013...maybe have them just do this once per week for Daily 5?

Fluency Passages

Another self assessment


Apple App for running reading record calculator!

student self reflection form

Self-assessment for math students

Here's a Two Stars and a Wish page for students to reflect on their work.

fluency anchor chart

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers