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  • Lauren Morton

    Gallery: Classroom Goals - MargD Teaching Posters

  • Stephanie Abrahamson

    I like the idea of kids choosing their goal each management idea?

  • Margaret O'Mary

    Neat ideas for "productivity" charts for my classroom--- classroom goals, workers, etc.

  • Lori Coleman

    Classroom goal cards for kids

  • Paris Almquist

    This could be REALLY cool to do in my room. If everyone accomplishes the goal that day in music they get a note for their reward board! Such a good idea.

  • Taryn L

    Kids choose a goal card

  • Jennifer Dozier

    Great site for not only classroom management, but also has ideas for reading, writing, poetry, classroom libraries, and assessment.

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Very helpful for parent-teacher conferences. Have the students write their own goals.

Classroom Management - important. take ownership of your actions.

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Setting SMART goals- also good for school counseling programs

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set goals they can measure. Teacher should set a goal and reflect on it too. Class can share and support each other in achieving goals. Love this!

This "I'm done..." board is a great way to remind students of their choices once they have completed the current activity. By having this posted as a bulletin board or poster within the room, students would have a visual reminder of the acceptable options they have while awaiting transition to the next activity. This procedure would help maintain order as well as keep faster students busy.

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this blog post has two awesome classroom management ideas- sparklers and "beat the teacher"

Research shows that students who write goals and create action plans outperform those who don’t. The Goal Tracker is an 8.5” by 5.5” booklet ...

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Need to figure out how to print this so I can put it on my bucket I carry around everywhere!